Group Training

Apprenticeships and traineeships

IOGTA offer group training services like no other in Australia.  Not only do we employ and place apprentices with industry host employers as regular group training organisations do, we also provide support to employers who choose to employ their apprentices directly.   The holistic approach taken by IOGTA in supporting employers and their apprentices and trainees in the Indian Ocean Territories has led to business relationships that are strong and authentic, and which has resulted in training completion rates that are well above the national average.


How IOGTA assists employers and apprentices/trainees

Whether the employer chooses to employ direct or host the apprentice through IOGTA, we can provide the following support:

  • Guidance with selecting the right apprenticeship/traineeship for your business;
  • Facilitate the recruitment process, if required;
  • Help you choose a suitable TAFE or Registered Training Organisation;
  • Facilitate the contractual requirements of the apprenticeship/traineeship;
  • Arrange flights and Travel and Accommodation Allowance for block-release training;
  • Collaborate  with the training partners (TAFE, Apprenticeship Office, Apprenticeship Support Network Providers) on your behalf;
  • Provide pastoral care and mentoring to the apprentices and trainees;
  • Provide advice on employer and apprentice/trainee responsibilities under the Training Contract as required; and
  • Conduct workplace monitoring to ensure the apprentice is ‘on track’ with their training.


You are never alone.  IOGTA has qualified staff on-hand to assist employers and apprentices/trainees from commencement to completion. 


Financial assistance

Whereas apprentices attend TAFE for their off-the-job training, trainees typically complete their theory component of their studies remotely.  To assist these trainees with their studies, IOGTA has financial provisions to heavily subsidise the cost for lecturers to travel to the Indian Ocean Territories to train and assess trainees in their workplace.

What do I do to get into a Group Training Apprenticeship or Traineeship?

If you want to investigate what Apprenticeship or Traineeship opportunities are currently available, it’s an easy 3 step process.

  1. Contact Indian Ocean Group Training Association on 08 9164 7220
  2. Select an appropriate apprenticeship trade and undertake recruitment and induction process
  3. In consultation with IOGTA select an appropriate training provider



The Australian Government has made an Investment in this Project